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 Lappet-Faced Vulture

Let's introduce you to our Lappet-faced Vulture, who is classified as endangered. They are the largest of all African vultures by their wingspan and beak size, which they use to tear open carcasses so other vultures can get to the softer meat, and the only one in Africa with a completely naked head.

Her other common names are the Nubian Vulture or Swart Aasvoel in Afrikaans. They occur throughout most of Africa and has a subspecies which can be found in the Sinai and Negev desert as well North-West Saudi Arabia. Currently, they have small rapidly declining populations are left with approximately only 5700 Mature individuals left owing primarily to poisoning, persecutions and ecosystem altercations.

The species are primarily scavengers feeding on large carcasses, but are also known to hunt catching small reptiles, fishes, Insects, birds and mammals.


-*Poisoning- Drugs such as Strychnine and Carbofuran which are used to control pest animals have played a very big role in the decline of this species.

*They are often persecuted mistakenly as livestock predators. One deliberate poisoning occurred in Namibia where 86 Lappet faced vultures were killed.


* Disturbances of nesting sites

* Nesting predation by human

* Poaching for traditional medicine uses.

Diclofenac which is fatal to any Gyps species also has played a big role in their decline.

All funds are contributed towards our Cheetah Preservation Foundation, who ensures that your animal is very well looked after!

R 500 of this adoption fee will be donated to Vulpro, a non-profit organisation doing amazing work for the vulture species. 

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