Flamingo Chicks - Donate & Help Save Their Lives

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Less than 10km from Kimberly’s famous Big Hole, lies the Kamfers Dam. It has been one of only 4 vital breeding grounds in Africa for the lesser flamingos and is sadly experiencing a drought which has led to the once 400 hectare dam, dropping far below it’s normal magnitude. ‘The parents are not able to feed and protect the chicks as they normally would. It’s actually a big problem as the water level is dropping everyday,’ says Craig van Rensburg, an administrator of community organisation Saam Staan Kimberley. This has left over 1000 defenseless flamingo chicks without hope.

Though nature has always been about survival of the fittest, we cannot stand by as our wildlife weakens due to what we as a human race can prevent – and South Africans countrywide feels the same! Compassion and support is streaming in from everywhere – but that won’t keep the very susceptible and vulnerable chicks alive.

What they sorely need is:


  • Shrimp
  • Pilchards
  • Nestum Baby Cereal No.1
  • Eggs

Medical Supplies:

  • Ringers lactate, dextrose
  • 5, 10 and 20ml syringes
  • Disposable gloves, aprons, foot covers
  • Feeding tubes
  • BEE, CALSUP, PETFLEX, Probiotic powder


  • F10 – spray, gel, ointment
  • Bioscrub
  • Astroturf, carpet tiles
  • Food Processors/blenders
  • Heating Lamps
  • Plastic shell sandpits
  • Plastic basins and storage containers
  • Sponges, drying racks, microwave sterilizers


Are desperately needed. If you are skilled in veterinary sciences, or have a history of working with animals and birds, please contact the team!

The Cheetah Preservation Foundation has decided to donate the first R5000 to assist in helping these babies survive. All the funds raised will be donated to VulPro, a reputable and phenomenal non-profit organisation involved in the care of many of these flamingo chicks.

Please help us to help them!