Black & White ruffed Lemur | Jolie | Adoption

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The black-and-white ruffed lemur is an endangered species of ruffed lemur, one of two which are endemic to the island of Madagascar. Despite having a larger range than the red ruffed lemur, it has a much smaller population that is spread out, living in lower population densities and reproductively isolated.

The biggest threat to Jolie, and many lemur species, is being hunted for their meat and their habitat being destroyed, by cutting down trees. The Madagascan rainforest is shrinking and many different types of animal need the trees to survive.

More about Jolie, she has twelve different calls and she is a tree dweller. 

Ruffed lemurs spend most of the day feeding, traveling, and resting high up in the tree tops. They are the most active in the morning and late afternoon. When threatened, ruffed lemurs defend themselves and their territory with a nearly deafening call. Females defend a group's territory more often than males.