Bat Eared Fox | Becky & Bandit | Adoption

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 All ears!

These sweet adorable big-eared little faces, stole hearts all round! Becky and Bandit (we have fondly named them) had a rather bumpy start to life. A local farmer brought them to us after finding them on his farm in December 2014. The farmer was building a dam which collapsed and shortly after they saw the pups floating in a stream of water. The farmer did his best to locate the den and find the mom but could not find anything. He waited as long as he could but soon realised the pups had to be cared for.

The farmer brought the pups to us, and at the time we estimated them to be around 2 weeks of age. The pups were immediately cleaned up and placed into our incubator for warmth. We started feeding them every 3 hours and they received around the clock care. The pups went onto solid foods shortly after they arrived as we struggled to get them to suckle. Every day for 4 weeks they travelled to and from work with our Zoological Manager, Narinda Pentz, who cared for them throughout the days and nights.

Both foxes are doing superbly and have been welcomed additions to the Cango family. We are absolutely and undeniably inlove with them… and can you blame us?

BANDIT: Male Bat-Eared Fox

BECKY: Female Bat-Eared Fox

Born: December 2014

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