Baby Cheetah: Solo or Stark or Sansa or Sand or Shae

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Our conservation status is Vulnerable.  

The name Sansa means, having a good measure of backbone and integrity, she is a very affectionate young girl and has a special bond with Shae. She adores her animal handlers, and likes the attention.

Shae might be the smallest of them all, but she is feisty. She has a unique bond with Sansa, and she enjoys taking naps. Her name means admirable; fitting for a girl who doesn’t back down from a challenge.

Sand is by far the most affectionate of all the girls, very laid back but also extremely curios.

Stark is the strongest / biggest of all the girls (3 other sisters). She has a regal personality, but I guess if your mom is a Princess, then you are royalty. Her best friend is Solo, they enjoy playing together.

Solo shares his enclosure with 4 girls. Solo was the lone survivor of four brothers born to very gracious mom, Mia. Even though she tried her utmost best, Mia was unable to provide the cubs with enough nutrition needed to survive. After doing tests it was clear that the cubs were hypoglycemic, they were not coordinated and displayed symptoms of poor motor functions. Solo has a great personality according to his handlers, he is adventurous and very mischievous. He loves drinking water, I guess that’s a good thing, in this Karoo heat. He likes to stalk the little birds that touch down in their enclosure.

By purchasing one of these soft toys you will be contributing to our NPC, the Cheetah Preservation Foundation.

Sitting, H,17cm - L, 26 cm Baby Sitting Cheetah