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Cape Vulture

One of the nine different vultures recorded in Southern Africa. Its conservation status is classified as “Endangered”. What makes this species to important is that it is endemic to this region and is found nowhere else in the world. Some call them ugly. Their bald heads and long necks help to keep them clean while feeding from right inside the carcass. Males and females look a like and their sex can only be effectively identified via DNA testing.

Cape Vultures are the only vultures in Southern Africa that live together in large colonies on cliff-face ledges. Competition is always fierce at the carcass and a feeding frenzy often ensues. As nature’s “clean-up crew” vultures have an important ecological role to play. A group of gobbling, squabbling vultures can strip a dead impala in a few minutes. This helps prevent the spread of disease and parasite build up.


All funds are contributed towards our Cheetah Preservation Foundation, who ensures that your animal is very well looked after!


R 500 of this adoption fee will be donated to Vulpro, a non-profit organisation doing amazing work for the vulture species. 

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