Spotted-necked otter | Speckles | Adoption

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Speckles, our Spotted-Necked Otter, turned 10 on the 30th of September and we gave her a new and bigger enclosure for her birthday.

Speckles has been due for a home upgrade for some time, and we are ecstatic to say that we now have the space to give it to her!


Born: 30 September 2008

The spotted-necked otter is in decline, mostly due to habitat destruction and pollution of its clear-water habitats. Water clarity is another necessity for this species to flourish. Murky waters handicap the hunting methods of the spotted necked otter, which uses sight to find prey. 

What do we learn from Speckles:

Stop taking yourself so seriously! One thing is for sure, otters know how to have FUN!

Be in the moment. Otters are not stressed about what’s going to happen tomorrow. They are truly living in the moment – going from one playful experience to the other.

Challenge your brain. Otters are smart little things. They love figuring out how to get into stuff (enrichment items). It was fascinating to watch how they would keep persevering until they figured it out.